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Root Canal

Root Canals
Many people cringe at the idea of a root canal because they mistakenly believe that a root canal causes pain. The discomfort actually comes from pressure and inflammation that builds up inside an infected tooth. After root canal therapy, patients usually feel better. With modern anesthesia Dr. Honore’ provides safe, comfortable root canal therapy, often completed in one visit. Mild, temporary soreness can be reduced with over-the-counter analgesics.

When a tooth undergoes extreme trauma or has a large cavity, the soft inner core, called the pulp, may become infected. A tooth’s pulp is housed in canals that run down the root and connect the living tooth to the bloodstream. Infection in the canal stimulates increased blood flow as the body tries to heal, and the resulting pressure can cause the tooth to throb and ache. The tooth can ultimately die and lead to extensive problems, such as an abscess or blood borne infection. To save the tooth from extraction and relieve pain, Dr. Honore’ will clean out the diseased pulp and replace it with a synthetic material to prevent further infection. This process is called a root canal.

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